About Pür

Importance Of Sustainability

Nature has it all for us to continue our adventures throughout the life. Why don't we try to be more into it? Our daily routines contain a lot of unnatural materials but we are here to change it a little bit. Our Turkish towels are sustainable, eco-friendly and hand-loomed using 100% natural fibres and non-toxic dyes by the traditional crafters. They will live a long life and get better as they get age, just like you. And if those important facts are not that important to you, we have more!


Your Perfect Travel Companion

Turkish hammam towels are 70% more compact than the average bath towel and they dry much quicker. They're super lightweight but absorbent, meaning they can be easily carried. Plus they look really cool compared to an ordinary towel, don't they? Especially if you're going to somewhere hot and sandy, our pestemal towels are also perfect for the beach since they are great at shedding sand, both off the towel and your skin.


The More You Use Them, The Softer They Become

And because they look so unique; our Turkish towels can be used as a scarf, a sarong, a blanket or even as a throw to decorate your home. And we promise that you will never want to use your ordinary towels again after the softer touch of a pestemal!